Dear strangers (?),
This is a personal website (as you have already guessed). Just needed a place to manage all my web-things scattered everywhere :-)

Who am I?
This is me :-)

How old am I?
I was born in 1985, do the math yourself.
What do I do?
Work: @ Mellanox Technologies Ltd., Chip design department.
Study: @ Technion Institute of Technology. I've finished a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and another one in Biomedical Engineering. Just started my M.Sc. In Electrical Engineering. 
Read: Mostly technical engineering books.

What do I love?
Code: Mostly C and Python.
Read: Mostly about Programming & Engineering.
Beautifully simple stuff & Beautifully simple User Interfaces.
Work (In case my boss is reading this page).

What I hate?
Stupid Patents.
Ugly code, especially if it works, even more if I have to maintain it.

I also hate YOU.. Just kidding, calm down...